GT Limousines
The original GT Limousine company in Perth

Conditions of Hire

  • All conditions of the Transport Co-ordination Act 1966 apply.
  • Booking fees are required to be paid to secure the booking which are NON REFUNDABLE.
  • GT Limousine reserves the right to provide a substitute vehicle in the case of an emergency.
  • Stretch limousines are unable to access all venues due to the length and parking limitations so the driver will endeavour to drop patrons as close as possible without placing passengers in an unsafe situation.
  • We accept NO responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen items within the vehicle.
  • The client accepts full responsibility for any damage done to the vehicle by any member of their party.
  • In the event of a patron soiling the vehicle in any way hire will continue until that vehicle is fit to return to the road and continue working.
  • In the event of a direct transfer booking i.e. wedding pick up's etc any waiting time will be charged to the client.
  • In the event that a booking goes over the nominated finish time overtimes rates will be charged to the client.
  • Any additional time is at the driver's discretion as there may be other bookings that prohibit this.
  • Alcohol is NOT provided.
  • NO coloured drinks will be permitted in the limousine nor is smoking or consuming food allowed in the limousine.
  • In the case of weddings full payment is required 90 days prior to the wedding date, and any cancellations within 90 days the client accepts full payment will be forfeited regardless of the circumstances.